Part II

On Lords of Passion, Courage, Magic and Joy...

  • An(u) - Skyfather and Lord of The Great Above
  • Enlil- Lord Air/Wind, Master of the Divine Word, Inspirer and Empowerer
  • Enki/Ea- Lord of the Sweet Waters, Master of all Crafts, Magick and Wisdom
  • Nanna - Lord of Time, the Secret-Hearted
  • Utu/Shamash - the Sun God, Master of Clarity, Lord of the Day
  • Marduk - Lord of Judgement
  • Nabu - Lord of the Written Word, the Divine Scribe
  • Ninurta - Lord of the Fields, the Farmer Turned Warrior
  • Nergal - Lord of the Underworld Ninazu - Lord Healer
  • Adad - Lord of the Elements
  • Dumuzi/Tammuz - Lord of Love and Fertility, the Divine Bridegroom
  • Damu - the Mesopotamian Divine Child
  • Enkidu - Lord of Nature and Natural Man
  • Adapa - the first sage
  • Ninazu - Lord Healer

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