Part I


On Ladies of Passion, Magick, Courage, Wit and Power...

  • Nammu - Lady of the Beginning, the Sumerian Great Creatrix
  • Ninhursag - the Great Mother and Creatrix, the Living Earth
  • Ereshkigal - Lady of the Great Below, Judge of the Underworld
  • Ninlil - Lady Air/Wind, the Avenging Bride
  • Ningal - Initiator of the Mysteries of Femininity and the Joyous Bride
  • Inanna I - from Maiden Goddess to the Beloved and Consort
  • Inanna II - the Shaman, Queen and Warrior Goddess
  • Tiamat - the Great Mother of Babylon and fierce, proud Dragoness
  • Tashmetum - Beloved and Learned Consort
  • Shamhat - Lady of Sensual Delights, the Erotic Initiator, the Sacred Hierodule
  • Uttu - Lady Weaver
  • Enheduanna - Scribe/Keeper of the Flame of the Mesopotamian Mysteries
  •  (...)
  • Brief Sketches of more Ladies of Passion, Wit, Magic and Joy...

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