Babylonian Magic
Bel Murru's site on Babylonian Magick
Beer or Bread?
Was Beer the First Great Cereal Food? - Archived page at
Enheduanna Files
Resource for researching the Akkadian EN (High Priestess), En-hedu-Anna, the first known author in all of world literature
Family in Ancient Mesopotamia
A very brief outline of marriage and family in the ancient near east.
Mythological Booklist: Mesopotamia
List of books dealing with the ANE
Slavery, one person being another one's possession, is a worldwide phenomenon and can be traced back throughout history.
The (Historical) Origin of God
Where do ANE religions come from, how did it all start and develop? (ASOR, American Society of Overseas Research)
Tree of Life and Ancient Tree Worship, The
Is there anything sacred about the Hebrews and Olive Oil? [...] Like the Hebrews, the Babylonians and Assyrians also taught of a sacred "Tree of Life" and rituals of "sacred agricultural products" associated with the spirit world.

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