60 Centuries of Copper: The Sumerians and Chaldeans
Bronze and Iron-working in early Iron Age Anatolia: observations at Büyükardıç
Antiquity Vol 80 No 310 December 2006 - Paper Download Resource
Catal Hüyük Excavations
Information about the excavations at Catalhöyük in its different aspects
Dating in Archaeology
To the laboratory! About dating methods in archaeology and anthropology (ASU, Arizona State University)
Ram in the Thicket
Image collection of an exhibit at the Penn museum.
Stolen Stones: The modern sack of Nineveh
"Archaeology Online"'s special feature on Ninive
Ur collection at the Penn Museum
Massive collection of finds from the location Ur.
Wooley's excavation of RT 800 (Queen Puabi's Grave)
Includes a zoomable map and a video download

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