After all these befores, in the future, but not a future that is too far-fetched to believe or hope for, at the beginning of Spring time in a healed Middle East, no more plagued by strife, war or hatred, and in all other worlds, She who is the Divine Inspirational Feminine throughout the ages, known in the Ancient Near East as Nammu, Ninhursag-Ki, Ninlil, Ningal, Inanna, Shamhat, Sarpanitum and Ereshkigal, but who also has 10,000 Names in all Worlds and spheres, meets the Divine Inspirational Masculine and her beloved Consort, who also once was An, Enlil, Enki, Nanna, Dumuzi, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Ninurta, Marduk and Nergal of 10,000 Names.

‘ Here we are, beloved, at the entrance of the Underworld, standing at the very first step of the Stairway to the Heights and Worlds Above,’ He says to Her. ‘ Will you take my hand and ascend with me? This time to stay? In all worlds as my Soul-Partner, Companion, Beloved and Best Friend?’

She laughs in pure delight:

‘ I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. Never to hide again, to be your Soul-Partner, Companion, Beloved and Friend in the open, never to leave you and forever to stay. This is the Desire of my Heart, the Longing of my Soul, the Delight of my Holy Body.

Have you lost then the fear to be a triumphant feminine man, my beloved god?’

She had always been such a teaser. But he had learnt a lot with her:

‘As much as you learnt to be a delightful masculine woman, my dearest goddess. But it is high time for you, for we to return Together. Shall we then go?’

‘ Your wish is my command, beloved,’ She answered.

So hand in hand, as Equals, Polarities without but Complementary Within, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine crossed the Threshold to the Worlds Above to be welcome as Goddess and God in all peoples’ souls.


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